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Seedling (2004)

Over-produced and derivative late 80's/early 90's influenced pop from thirtysomething single mum, Jane


Jane Badler
Interview Anais Mittchell - Interview

John Clarkson chats to 'V' and 'Mission: Impossible' actress Jane Badler about her new career as a singer, new single 'Nursery Rhyme' and forthcoming third album

Au Pairs
Interview Au Pairs - Interview

Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to Jane Munro, the bassist with 70's Birmingham-based political indie punk/funk group the Au Pairs, about her group's rise and fall

Jane's Addiction

In our 'Photoscapes' series, Matt Williams photographs seminal Californian alternative rock act, Jane's Addiction, at the London O2 Arena


Jane Weaver
Photoscapes Jane Weaver - Photoscapes

Keith Ainsworth photographs experimental musician Jane Weaver at the Olympia in Liverpool.

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