City Slang


Broken Social Scene (2006)

Broken Social Scene
Spectacular self-titled album from Canadian band Broke Social Scene, which numbers 17 in its line-up and is made up of members of some of Canada's most respected band inlcuding KC Accidental, the Dears, Stars and Metric

Calexico (2001)

Hot Rail
Desert-trance with a great twang! Calexico manage to innovate styles that until now had largely been given up. Listening to 'Hot Rail' is a mind-wandering experience. The duo alternate storytellin

Dear Reader (2013)

Heartfelt third album from Dear Reader, the project of South African singer-songwriter Cheri MacNeil, in which she reflects upon her home country

J Mascis and The Fog (2001)

More Light
With his unmistakable lethargic drawl and his equally recognisable mastery of the six-string melodic squall still intact, J. Mascis may not have made a radical departure from the hugely influential so

Kingsbury Manx (2001)

Let You Down
The Kingsbury Manx made a mild splash in 2000 with their first album, a remarkably well-crafted body of slightly folky, slightly psychedelic pop music.The exact same description could be applied to th

Kingsbury Manx (2001)
Kingsbury Manx - The Kingsbury Manx

The Kingsbury Manx
Occasionally, very occasionally, I buy albums by bands completely unknown to me. Yes, maybe it is a bit stupid with the high price of CDs, but the few I've bought that way have not let me down yet. Pe

Nada Surf (2012)
Nada Surf - The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy

The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy
Engaging and typically seemingly effortless combination of sing-a-long pop accessibility and quality foot-stomping rock on seventh album from New York-based alternative rockers, Nada Surf

Nada Surf (2020)
Nada Surf - Never Not Together

Never Not Together
Thoughtful Beatle-esque power pop on ninth album from New York alternative rock act Nada Surf

Notwist (2002)
Notwist - Neon Golden

Neon Golden
Odd, surprisingly effective City Slang label release which combines Americana with electronica.

O' Death (2008)
O' Death - Broken Hymns Limb and Skin

Broken Hymns Limb and Skin
Mournful gypsy punk from New York five piece O' Death whose Balkan workouts eventually become like parody

Radio 4 (2002)
Radio 4 - Gotham

Riveting " funk-punk masterpiece" from much under-rated New York-based band, Radio 4

Sophia (2003)
Sophia - People Are Like Seasons

People Are Like Seasons
Finely-conceived third studio album from Sophia which finds frontman Robin Proper-Sheppard mining the same areas of regret and loss as he has done on the band's previous albums, but also looking back to his days with the ferecious God Machine

Wheat (2001)
Wheat - Hope And Adams

Hope And Adams
I really liked Wheat's debut album when it came out and I listened to it many a time, so I had sort of been waiting to hear more from them. Well, they've hit us with their second full length and it



Interview with Robin Proper-Sheppard Sophia - Interview with Robin Proper-Sheppard

The frontman with Sophia,Robin Proper-Sheppard, talks to John Clarkson about his decision to sign to the City Slang label after years of putting out his records on his own Flower Shop label, and his diverse new record, 'People are Like Seasons'