Gary Kemp - Insolo

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 23 / 8 / 2021

Gary Kemp - Insolo

Label: Columbia
Format: CD
Impressive 70's rock influenced first solo album in twenty-six years from Spandau Ballet guitarist and songwriter Gary Kemp


Gary Kemp has released his first solo album in 26 years! But fans anticipating a return to the dance and glamorous pop of his Spandau Ballet days are in for a surprise. For the 61 year-old singer and guitarist has spent the past three years carving out an alternative career playing early Pink Floyd songs in Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets - and it is this new direction that has given Gary the impetus to make 'Insolo'. The album has several interesting and semi-autobiographical tracks. 'Waiting For The Band' recalls Gary being a teenage Bowie fan in the 1970s. The breezy 'Ahead Of The Game' has clear nods to Wings and to 10cc. Several tracks feature perfectly judged support from strings, sax and French horn and there is a series of rich, luxuriant ballads where Gary Kemp looks back affectionately at his life. This is an album that casts a highly accomplished - and sometimes underestimated - rock musician and writer in a new and very complimentary light.

Track Listing:-

1 In Solo
2 A Rumour of You
3 Waiting for the Band
4 Ahead of the Game
5 I Remember You
6 Too Much
7 The Fastest Man in the World
8 I Am the Past
9 The Feet of Mercury
10 The Haunted
11 Our Light

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