Friedrich Sunlight - Sag Es Erst Morgen

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 6 / 8 / 2019

Friedrich Sunlight - Sag Es Erst Morgen

Label: Tapete Records
Format: CDS
Superb Northern Soul-influenced electronica on new single from San Francisco-born but German-based pop artist Friedrich Sunlight


I don#t speak German at all. And yet I'm becoming drawn to German electronic music more and more lately. Maybe it's my recent rediscovery of Kraftwerk that has sparked an underlying interest again? This is the title track and latest single CD taken from the 'Sag es Est Morgen' album by Friedrich Sunlight. Friedrich is actually a guy that goes by the name of Kenji and who was brought up in San Francisco by Japenese immigrants. He eventually moved to Augsburg in Germany, joining like-minded musicians who had a taste for 60's to 80's sunshine pop. This is where this takes an even more likeable turn for yours truly because this wonderful offering from the lovely people at Tapete Records is not only 60's sounding pop, but it is of the Northern Soul/Motown variety which has long been a love in my life. From the moment the first up-tempo Motown drum beat kicked in, I was hooked to it. Complete with hook and breaks this is modern-day, old-school pop Northern-style. Then I suddenly thought of all the accidents that this is going to cause. There will be thousands of old boys like me that stick this in their CD player and instantly start floating around the room to it, and then try and go back to their younger days, and swallow, dive or sink down into a touch of clockwork and hey presto - broken bones and pulled muscles abound! But seriously, you will get the jist of this. I have since found out that Kenji has moved on to Glasgow. I also know that not all the tracks on it are of this kind of genre. I also know that I don't give a shit - I'm buying the album on the face of one single. Welcome to Electro-Northern. Marvellous!

Track Listing:-

1 Sag es erst Morgen
2 Was will man noch mehr?
3 Kleines Haus
4 Fernweh
5 Neujahr
6 Nachtbus nach Wien
7 Mit dir
8 Kommen und Gehen
9 Wirf dein Geld aus dem Fenster
10 Radikal und chic
11 Supermarkt
12 Wenn du mich suchst...

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