Telescopes - Hidden Fields

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 22 / 7 / 2015

Telescopes - Hidden Fields

Label: Tapete Records
Format: CD
Eighth offering from Stephen Lawrie's the Telescopes, whom deliver a fine soundscape of noise and confusion


This is the eighth album from the Telescopes, whom were the underdogs of the 1980's noise scene. Originally known for their debut 'Taste', they later were signed briefly to Creation Records and then after that went all baggy on us. These days Stephen Lawrie is the sole original member, and here he is backed by St Deluxe. Together they make a noise that could of easily been created back at the Telecopes' peak in the late 1980s. 'You Know the Way', the opening track, recalls the more violent side of the Reid brothers. It is angry, doomy and quite magical. There is nothing here that is too much to handle, but it certainly isn't Glastonbury day time listening. 'Absence' is very understated, but it haunts like the ghost of the late Sir Christopher Lee as the ghastly Dracula. There is a sense of menace underneath, but you are still very attracted to it while being very scared too. In every sense, it reminds me of their short, flirty time on Creation, but it also has the savage feel of 'Psychocandy' underneath it. 'Don't Bring Me Down' is mean and brooding, very experimental, while Stephen's vocals are slowly draped over the top of the music and are heavenly and dreamy. The final number is 'The Living Things', which comes in at around fifteen minutes and, very nu psych, hints at Neu, the Mary Chain circa 'Darklands' and Loop at their most trippy A fine, smooth trip to the dark side of beauty.

Track Listing:-

1 You Know The Way
2 Absence
3 In Every Sense
4 Don’t Bring Me Round
5 The Living Things

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