Brace Choir - Turning On Your Double

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 23 / 4 / 2014

Brace Choir  - Turning On Your Double

Label: Tapete Records
Format: CD
Fine combination of the experimental and traditional on debut album from Berlin-based Krautrock act Brace/Choir, slightly damaged by its vocals which are sung in English


The sonic shoegaze/post rock of Berlin fourtet Brace/Choir characterizes 'Turning On Your Double' as an album most likely to get you off on the wrong foot. 'Biond', the opening track, proves to be a nasal effort in vain. The album would indeed be much better off without the incomprehensible vocals that extend across it. Since those snotty Kraut vocals spoil the moment, we'd better focus on the symphonic and melodic merits of the music. The busy, pushing beat of Krautrock lives on, on such persistent tracks like 'Fall Men'. In spite of its JAMC touch, 'Be Let Down' could be in hindsight considered the afterthought to modern minimalistic music; again without the mumbled words which seem to have their origin in the English language somehow. Beneath its lazy tarnish, a wealth of harmony and melody erupts out of this idiosyncratic album. Judging by the way in which their buzzing electro flirts with epic and melodic lines, Brace/Choir know how to merge the traditional and the experimental. They probably tasted a healthy amount of Krautrock in their mothers' milk as well. Quite gorgeous, all the way through from beginniing until end, Brace/Choir would, however, have been better going Kraut all the way. Brace/Choir merge and blend styles thought to be complete opposites. 'Turning On Your Double' may be a typical non-quintessential album, as many of its tracks dwell in forgotten melodies. Silly band name, silly album title. Great music.

Track Listing:-

1 Biond
2 Five Fingered Leaf
3 Enemy's Friend
4 Fallmen
5 Be Let Down
6 Coil
7 Satisfier
8 1 Is 2

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