Jack Beauregard - Irrational

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 29 / 6 / 2013

Jack Beauregard - Irrational

Label: Tapete Records
Format: CD
Elegant yet unmemorable cinematic synth pop on third album from Amsterdam-formed but now Berlin-based duo, Jack Beauregard


After making the sane move from Sadsterdam to Berlin, the erratic duo of Jack Beauregard found a safe place for their epic cinematic synth pop. As babies, the duo must have been breastfed as Thompson Twins in the Human League of the 1980s, whilst of course now, especially living in autobahn Europe,it's extremely hard to hide from new electronic music. Those two opposing sensitivities in music ultimately elegantly bungle side-to-side on 'Irrational'. Jack Beauregard have electronical pop music written in their DNA. File Jack Beauregard as New Order's smartest nephews. Almost like Ultravox covering the Beach Boys on 'It's Going Down', light-weight pop music gets the upper hand. The mesmerizing jingle-jangle which comes towards the end of the album sets one adrift. "You sure like The Queen and me" makes for a disturbing line on 'Bleeding Knees'. Jack Beauregard bring great drive to this album, yet 'Irrational' in spite of all its sophistication makes little sense. Write memorable songs is my verdict.

Track Listing:-

1 Not That Kind
2 Silver Mine
3 Where Is The Line
4 Cologne
5 The Harbour
6 It's Going Down
7 Miss Sunset
8 Bleeding Knees
9 Houston
10 For All The Time

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