Story Books - Too Much a Hunter

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 11 / 5 / 2013

Story Books - Too Much a Hunter

Label: Communion Records
Format: CDS
Accomplished debut EP from acclaimed Kent-based indie guitar outfit, Story Books


Hailing from Kent, Story Books are vocalist/guitarist Kristofer Harris, keyboardist Andrew Parry, bassist Joseph Whitnell, drummer Robert Wilks and guitarist Jack Tarrant. Having only formed in 2012, their impressively accomplished songwriting and engaging live shows (including a trip over to SXSW earlier this year) have propelled their reputation skywards, and that ascent is surely only set to continue with the news that they will be one of the bands supporting tThe Rolling Stones in Hyde Park this Summer. 'Too Much a Hunter' is their debut EP, released on Communion Records. Don’t let the fact that the label was co-founded by one of Mumford & Sons put you off. There’s nary a banjo or hay bale in site. What you have instead is an ‘indie’ band with genuine songwriting talent, both musically and lyrically. Harris’ lyrics seem honest and sincere without being saccharine, and the guitars and keyboards play off each other skillfully. The rhythm section is equally accomplished; it’s always nice when you can pick out the drum part in a song and think “I like what he’s doing there”. Having mentioned everyone but Whitnell and his bass-playing, I feel I should single him out for some praise too. Great job, buddy! *thumbs up* I’ve read some reviews that criticize the band for being too downbeat and ‘depressing’, but I don’t think it’s the case that music is depressing just because it’s dealing with genuine emotion and features some minor keys. They might not be happy songs, but it’s all part of the emotional gamut that makes up human experience, and if you’ve seen the band live you’ll know they’re absolutely electrifying. Certainly no one looked depressed at the shows I went to. I’m looking forward to a full album from the band to see if they can pull this kind of quality out of the bag for an LP’s length, but this effort certainly earns them the benefit of the doubt. Try to catch them live before they support the Stones> I suspect it’s going to make tickets to their shows highly sought-after. So I liked the EP anyway, just in case that wasn’t clear.

Track Listing:-

1 Simple Kids
2 Knot
3 Glory and Growth
4 All Those Arrows

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