Peasant - Bound for Glory

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 3 / 5 / 2012

Peasant - Bound for Glory

Label: Schnitzel Records
Format: CD
Fantastic third album from Peasant, the project of versatile experimental American singer-songwriter and producer Damien DeRose


Damien DeRose – otherwise known as Peasant – makes a big leap forward with his third album, one which will most likely be his breakthrough to mainstream success. Or at least it should be, if there’s any justice. DeRose is clearly a very talented songwriter, his style morphing from one track to the next – always obviously the same artist, but changing himself enough to surprise you at every turn. A lot of comparisons have been made to Elliott Smith – and he is clearly an influence, but Peasant’s sound is much harder to pin down than that. ‘The Flask’ is a pop song with an indie rock slant, something like what Avi Buffalo might sound like if you ironed out the wonkiness. ‘Girls’ is 70's folk-rock laced with soul. ‘Doesn’t Mean’ is coffee-table listening for people who don’t own a coffee table – like Jack Johnson, if he wasn’t making records for mums to listen to (no offence, mums). What really stands out on 'Bound for Glory' is how talented a songwriter DeRose clearly is – his adeptness for working within a variety of styles is really impressive, and more importantly really enjoyable listening. Tracks like ‘Amends’, ‘Take It Light’ and ‘Pretty Good’ (DeRose channels The Doors here, I think) make this album an absolute pleasure and one that – as I mentioned above – by rights should make Peasant an artist people will be talking about.

Track Listing:-

1 Bound for Glory
2 The Flask
3 Girls
4 We're Not the Same
5 A Little One
6 Doesn't Mean
7 Amends
8 Gone Far Lost
9 Take It Light
10 Mother Mary
11 Pretty Good
12 Stars
13 Don't Let Me Down

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