Me and Cassity - Appearances

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 29 / 1 / 2012

Me and Cassity - Appearances

Label: Tapete Records
Format: CD
Innovative second album from Hamburg-based act Me and Cassity, the project of one-man band Dirk Darmstaedter, which combines together rock'n roll, pop music and Americana


Dirk Darmstaedter, from Hamburg with 16 releases under his belt, is new to me and I am struck by the ease with which he brews something fresh out of rock'n roll, pop music and Americana. 'Appearances' is in only one respect typically German; namely that Darmstaedter weighs his words ever so carefully. Thus the general tone to these ten tracks have an understated joy. The arrangements of music at times work out wonderfully. He is a one man jazz brass band with a swinging jive, and very much on the upper hand of his words, on tracks such 'One Step Ahead of Me'. Here he displays a modest voice and crafty fingers. 'Stupid World' carries you away with its rolling piano riffs that wane into the sea like Beach Boys on surfboards. The music on this album has such a fresh breeze that you'll soon stop listening to the words. On 'Dominoes', Darmstaedter put on his Hawaiian shirt and dares to take on a little skiffle music. As they dance like 'Fred Astaire', Me and Cassity show that all the way that they had great fun.

Track Listing:-

1 Time to Put the Hammer Down
2 Bring It On
3 This Side of Tomorrow
4 One Step Ahead of Me
5 The Last Troubadour
6 Fred Astaire
7 Appearances
8 Stupid World
9 Dominoes
10 Lovers of Solitude

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