Herpes - Symptome Und Beschwerden

  by Daniel Cressey

published: 8 / 7 / 2011

Herpes - Symptome Und Beschwerden

Label: Tapete Records
Format: CD
Fiery old school punk sung in their native German on debut album from the charmingly-titled Herpes


Reviewing music you can't understand is always a risky business. It becomes even more so when the music in question is an album called 'Symptoms and Ailments' from a band named Herpes. Sadly I can't tell you what they're singing about on this album, but they're doing it very nicely, steaming along with some crisp old-school punk with a German edge (and German lyrics of course). Herpes thrashes through the 10 tracks here with aplomb, and no shortage of aggressive punk posturing Well, I have to assume it's aggressive punk posturing. They could be singing about picking daises in a summer meadow, but that seems reasonably unlikely given their chosen moniker. All in all this sounds like a great little European punk album. It that sounds like your thing, then by all means, go out and get Herpes, it's great fun. And if you can, please tell me what it all means, I need to know before I give it to anyone else.

Track Listing:-

1 Das Allerletzte Zuerst
2 Das Leben Ist Zu Schnell
3 75A
4 Das Karnickel Im Hut
5 Müde
6 Ruckzuck
7 Neues England
8 Jugendliche Zeit
9 Zaster
10 Verflucht

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