Hot Pepper's 'Spanglish Movement', which was originally published in 1978 in a small private press in Mexico, has just been given its the first ever legitimate issue. It is a small but perfectly formed slab of dark and exciting disco-funk with touches of 70's vibes of Cosmic, Balearic, Afro and Latin sound.

Hot Pepper was a studio project created by the famous drummer, producer and arranger Jesús Muñoz 'Tilico', who was a well-known musician with extensive experience. Having been involved in innumerable recordings and also as a musician accompanying legends of the funk/disco/soul scene such as Paul Mauriat and Carl Tjader, he decided in 1977 to record an album oriented towards the in sound at that time...disco music.

Helped by some of his friends, all renowned session musicians, 'Tilico', fuelled by his multi-instrumental background, composed all the music and lyrics as well as playing drums and percussion and producing the whole album himself , which was eventually released in 1978.

This four track disc houses some impressive rhythm sections, congas and percussions which is not surprising really given his extensive drumming background, but that's not all. As with all disco-fused tracks, it is wrapped by synths, disco-space effects, male-female voices, Latin touches, Afro and, a breakthrough in disco at that time, the occasional fuzzed-out guitar.

The four long tracks include the spectacular 'Ritual Song', an underground classic from Cosmic Disco/Balearic days and sports around three quarters of an hour of sounds, so get yuur star-spangled jackets and roller skates on and get busy with this little gem that you will find hard not to take out your CD player. The CD version houses a booklet with rare photos and notes, as does the vinyl version which is also available

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