Despite being barely two EPs old, new Manchester band Girl Friend have already established an accomplished live presence built around handsome frontman Amory Neish Melling, who, dressed in a soon to be trademark gold jacket, is awash with animated arm gestures and Parisian swagger.

He’s clearly from a good gene pool and his sister, Eleanor, who adds texture to the songs with her silky backing vocals is equally attractive in a sparkly dress and ice-maiden cool persona.

Musically the band are underpinned by Jake Ward, who provides both guitar and keyboard to the band’s modern take on 80’s electropop. Think Brett Anderson fronting the Human League and you’ll be on the right lines.

The set contains a mixture of older tracks like 'Perfume' and an ace new song 'Good Morning', but it is the hook-filled glamour of 'Monte Carlo' from the current 'Arrive Alone, Leave Alone' EP and the closing 'Chemical Reaction' that garner the best response from an already excited crowd.

It may be time for more established acts like Dutch Uncles, Hurts and Everything Everything to take a worried look over their shoulders as Girl Friend has just entered the room and is winning significant admirers.

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