The L.A-based rock/metal band In This Moment have been around since 2005, supporting numerous big headliners and becoming renowned crowd pleasers at big festivals such as Download and Ozzfest, playing alongside artists such as Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Halestorm, Rob Zombie and Lacuna Coil.

The band hit Manchester full on with a thunderous colourful roar, as part of their Black Widow European Tour. It was always going to be a sold out show, but surprisingly the audience ranged from the very young to the middle-aged. Many dressed for the occasion in outlandish costumes, inspired by front woman Maria Brink who has been awarded or nominated many times over as one of the hottest rock goddess’s around.

The show began with ‘Infection’, the first track from their most recent album ‘Black Widow’ (their 5th release), which featured dramatic dark blue lights, and two female dancers named ‘Blood Girls’, who darted around the circular platform wearing masks and catsuits. The audience was transfixed as blonde vixen Maria slowly emerged between a gold frame and dry ice, wearing a big, black hat with matching floor length cloak, striking dramatic poses. The cloak was removed and flesh-coloured undergarments, with thigh length boots became the order of the day. One couldn’t help but think of a metal Gaga or a female Alice Cooper. It’s was a very slick show, which constantly kept the interest of the audience with its bold themes and flamboyance.

Many of the tracks from ‘Black Widow’ were played, with various sets being built after each song. We had cages, animal masks, dunces hat emblazoned with the words ‘WHORE’, pink Barbie, wolf masks, menacing nurses. ‘Into the Light’ saw a more mellow tone, with striking bands of white light, as Brink sat astride a stool centre stage. ‘Black Widow’ came to life with green lights and dry ice, and the dress code was nurses’ outfits. There were dramatic moments with Brink as she appeared as a mighty force to be reckoned with, a dominatrix who was protective of her Blood Girls.

The final song was ‘Blood’, and suitably all the lights were switched to a glorious blood red. The effect was awesome. At the end of the show Maria handed out flowers daubed with red blood, to the baying crowd at the front. Finally she was escorted into the pit to have her photo taken with her fans.

‘In This Moment’ deserve to be seen live to experience their phenomenal appeal, but they definitely need a larger venue for all their stage props. Maria Brink is definitely without doubt the ultimate rock goddess supreme. And hats off to the band for allowing us photographers to shoot through the whole show.

Set List:

The Infection
Sick Like Me
Black Widow
Sex Metal Barbie
Into the Light
Fallen Heroes
(Drum solo)
Big Bad Wolf



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Photos: Melanie Smith

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