After I had spent some time with this bunch of highly respectable fellows doing photo shoots in their recording studio, this was an exciting chance for me to catch a glimpse of the Invaders live. Since forming, they have written some really exciting material and are proving to be one of those bands that gets better by the day.

They have been so busy writing material, recording and practicing that they have had little chance to get on to the live circuit, but tonight they were on the bill at a night arranged by IKE Productions with five other bands, the aim of which was to highlight some of the extraordinary talent hidden within Nottingham's mean suburbs.

The Invaders themselves are a tight-knit family group, consisting of Daryl on bass and son Alex on lead vocals and Nigel on drums and his brother Nick on guitar, and, if I had to label them, I would describe them as a funky hard rock outfit. They play their own original songs with a few choice covers mixed in for good measure.

The penultimate act on the bill, they had the best sound at The Maze of the evening. With some, assured vocals from Alex they glided their way through roughly a half an hour set and by the end had The Maze crowd in raptures and everyone impressed with their totally professional attitude. Alex has sung with numerous bands, and he has all the edge and style of a lead singer in a much bigger band playing big venues. We are no stranger to Daryl's exceptional bass playing having seen him numerous times especially on the stage at this year's and last year's Deerstock Festival with his other band Hardback Fiction. Another member of that band, Nigel is one of the best drummers I have had the pleasure of watching and bangs out a big sound for a guy that always seems so laid back, while Nick is another immense musician and a master of the solo. They rattled through a set of seven tracks, starting and finishing with original songs and showing that they have the potential for bigger things.

Set List:

See Me Again
Broken Dream
This is Love
Just For Show

Photos by Dave Goodwin

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