The So So Glos hail from Brooklyn just like tonight's headliners the Hold Steady. The four piece certainly know how to warm an audience up with their mix of high octane power punk and are clearly influenced by not only older school punk bands like the Dead Kennedys, but there is also a mix of 90's grunge of Nirvana and even early Green Day three minute punk numbers in there as well. Tonight they are pushing their debut album 'Blowout', and front man/bassist Alex Levine works the audience onside with some pretty tasty songs in the shape of 'Son of an American', 'House of Glass' and the title track of the album.

The Hold Steady are always good value for money, and front man Craig Finn thanks the crowd for coming out on a wet Wednesday night. Opening with 'Positive Jam' from their debut album 'Almost Killed Me', their set features all of their classics from their six album back catalogue, including some from their new record 'Teeth Dreams' such as 'I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You', which the crowd seems to know word for word.

'Sequestered in Memphis' lifts the already great atmosphere in the busy venue, and its chorus fills every corner, but 'Chips Ahoy' and closer 'Stay Positive' runs them close before they return for four more encores including 'Citrus' from the 'Boys and Girls in America' album.

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