Blues rock guitar hero Gary Clark Jr. is playing a sold out show at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit on an early in July Wednesday night.

Austin, Texas-based Clark announces his heralded arrival on the music scene from the get go. Clark opens with songs from his 2012 album 'Blak and Blu' including 'When My Train Pulls In' and a crowd pleasing 'Ain’t Messin ‘Round', proudly stating “Ain’t no one like me around.” Clark’s guitar playing is virtuoso level, and his R & B singing voice is gritty and deep.

He plays some kind of “something is wrong” blues with stinging guitar, while the stage is bathed in red and blue light. A trouble and worries blues is followed by some straight up rock and roll.

Illuminated by dusty blue light, 'Please Come Home' is a foray into soothing soul and could be the highlight of the night. The song features still blistering guitar leads and Clark’s smooth falsetto vocal treatment.

From there, the band segues into 'You Saved Me' along with drums, bass and second guitar. It is a fine backing band with Gary Clark Jr. out in front. Clark’s playing is both technically impressive and inspired. It is a solid show.

'Things Are Changin’' is finely tuned and melodic. A well played cover of Jimi Hendrix’s 'Third Stone from the Sun' is the intro to 'If You Love Me like You Say'.

The album title track 'Blak and Blu' is ephemeral and a touch gorgeous, followed by a hard rocking 'Bright Lights'. Singing about the big city, Clark states, “You’re going to know my name.”

The encore includes a 'Come Together' style guitar riff into “Numb” with Clark singing “I can’t feel a thing.” With that comes an end to a very good night.

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