Hmm, we had no idea Jon Spencer was such a big fan of Kevin The Teenager.

When we asked for a few words with the Blues Explosion/Heavy Trash front-meister, we didn't mean a few words, LITERALLY. We actually meant a conversation. An interaction. Not the kind of sulky-boy speak you'd expect from Harry Enfield's flame-haired, acne-riddled suburban menace.

Still, when you've been demonically cool since 1985 (when Spencer formed noise-punk outfit Pussy Galore). And have duetted with Nancy Sinatra (on 'Ain't No Other Way' on her 2004 self-titled album). And have maintained exhaustion-inducing levels of touring/recording in between - and since - maybe the right is yours to get a bit terse from time to time. Plus we're completely under the spell of Heavy Trash's addictive current album, nouveau rockabilly opus 'Midnight Soul Serenade' so we'll cut him a bit of slack.

Ready for Jon Spencer on his life, work and everything else, then? Really, don't blink - you'll miss it.

PB: 'Midnight Soul Serenade' seems to bleed with good vibes. What’s going so well to inspire such a good-humoured album?

JS: Middle age! Ha!

PB: What are you like in the studio? One of these megalomanic Phil Spector types or do you just go with the flow?

JS: One minute I'm up, tearing at the console like a wild animal, the next I'm slumped over the drum kit.

PB: How far do you go for authenticity of sound? Do you use cranky old vintage equipment or is it just more about getting into the vibe of that era?

JS: We go pretty far. Matt (Verta-Ray, Specner's band mate in Heavy Trash-Ed) and I love the sound of old records and cool vintage gear is nice. But we are not Luddites. We will use whatever works, including modern technology.

PB: From listening to your stuff it sounds like you haven’t listened to anything made after about 1970. Do you listen to contemporary music? Which artists do you admire?

JS: Portishead, Cobra Killer, Joe Gideon and the Shark, Lil' Mama, etc.

PB: Who are your musical heroes and who would you like to work with – and why?

JS: I have always admired Tony Joe White. It would be great to do something with him.

PB: You’re on a world tour – what adventures/high points/mishaps have you had so far?

JS: Sam the drummer got sick off some pork or fish in the soup last night.

PB: What do you do on your days off – do you get a chance to see more than a hotel room of the places you go to?

JS: No days off. Just work.

PB: How do you sustain the enthusiasm after continually playing the same set? Or do you try to mix it up?

JS: It's not the same set. Even the songs within themselves can change.

PB: How do you deal with feelings of unfaithfulness to the Blues Explosion when you’re working with Heavy Trash?

JS: I don't know what you are talking about. It does not exist these feelings.

PB: Do you need a split personality or do you have to develop different personas to deal with both bands? If so how do these ‘personalities’ differ from each other?

JS: No such thing(s).

PB: What are your plans after you’ve finished promoting the album?

JS: Do it some more!

PB: Finally, your top MySpace friend is a cat called Frankie. Aren’t you supposed to have high profile music industry mates in that position in order to look cool?

JS: Go fuck yourself, you lousy dog lover.

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