Watching Goldie Lookin' Chain is like watching the results of a car crash on a motorway. You know something awful has happened, but you are compelled, drawn to look at it as a sick entertainment.

While I cannot deny Goldie Lookin' Chain are a great bunch of down to earth lads, their music is truly awful and the whole ironic chav "are they serious or taking the piss ?" thing was funny for about five minutes five years ago.

Talentless they are but you cannot deny the fact that they put on a good show, know how to entertain and aren’t bad a raising the odd chuckle from an enthusiastic crowd.

On their third album 'Abso 4 Life', the joke is certainly running thin. Sticking mainly to the old ‘favourites’, if you can call them that the band are on fine form with the usual toilet humour and in-between song banter. But it’s more of the same.

After I while, say a few minutes, for me I felt this was more a chore than an entertaining night out. The crowd, mainly made of young kids seemed to be only there because they had seen Maggot from the band on 'Big Brother' and the group on the 100 or so top 100 best of shows that they used to promote their album.

Support came from Trip and the Minx, the former who didn’t really get the crowd going despite a good effort. Perhaps the eye opener of the night was local band the Minx, blending an eclectic mix of indie, cheeky pop punk and electronica, who saved my night from total ruin.

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18494 Posted By: Chris Haddon (Manchester)

The Minx have their debut album 'cool as a courteener' finished and mastered and ready for launch on Thursday 30th July at The Attic in Manchester.

Set to be a good night. £5 a ticket, available from ticketline or email the band on

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