Welsh nu-metal act Lost Prophets have been on the rise for five years now, and with their third album, 'Liberation Transmission', literally flying off the shelves the band are enjoying a fantastic time of things. Even despite a change in direction, they're a band that I've always followed since the release of their debut album, 'The Fake of Progress', in 2001 and to see them in such a large venue as the Guidhall was strange but also very exciting.

Openers This is Hell took to the stage with as much energy as they can muster, but their particular brand of hardcore punk was quickly lost on the crowd. They proceeded to give it their all, but a mixture of sound issues and the genre of the headliners left the audience feeling a little confused. I personally, however, enjoyed the show and was glad to see some diversity on a tour of this size. The band clearly pushed for all they were worth, and were a good warm up act.

British band Bring Me The Horizon stepped up to the plate and proved they were ready for the big time. Their rising fame in their “scene” is phenomenal but I'm not sure I know why... there are so many other metalcore bands in the world that do this better... but giving the band their dues...holy hell do they know how to work a crowd ? And, after they played an explosive set, the audience were ready for the headliners.

Lost Prophets took to the stage and showed how they've grown in sound and presence by playing a large mixture of songs off 'Liberation Transmission' and their second album, 'Starr Something', from 2004 along with a much loved 'Shinobivsdragonninja' from their debut. On this latter track along with an unexpected 'Five is a Four Letter Word' from the same album, the band created an atmosphere and a love from the crowd that was unrivalled in 90% of the shows I have seen.

I personally found myself singing along to nearly every word and, after some time away from them, I realised why I love this band... they're amazing to watch and incredibly fun... they love what they do and it rubs off on the crowd. I hope they keep putting out great songs for a long time to come and contine to be for the British music scene a band that it can be proud of the world over.

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