Bristol's the New Rhodes are playing at Manchester's 'In The City' music event to showcase songs from their debut long player, 'Songs From The Lodge'.

Despite having only a strict 30 minute slot, they manage to belt out enough tracks to break the shackles of, not strictly true, Smiths and Strokes comparisons. Only closing track, 'When We Were Young' has a typical Smithsian jangle and, whilst singer James Williams does offer some resemblance to Morrissey's croon, this is very much a new band with a bright future on their own terms.

The way they toss aside top 40 hit single, 'You've Given Me Something That I Can't Give Back', second up shows a band confident (rightly so) with their lesser known material and the fact that, with the unfortunate exception of drummer Tim Desmond (who is naturally seated), the band jig about the stage shows they clearly enjoy their work.

Along with fine LP tracks, 'Cowardice' and 'I'm Bored Of You', early single 'I Wish I Was You' and current single, the excellent 'The History Of Britain', they play a great set that kick starts a quite brilliant night for yours truly.

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