My second gig of the week was one that I was very much looking forward to. Emmanuel pulled out of their support slot, being replaced by Blood Roses, a band that are very much part of the new breed of "emo-hardcore." They sound very much like Funeral for a Friend during their 'Four Ways to Scream Your Name' days, although they are probably a weaker version - despite this the band played well and the relatively young crowd got very much into it. You could see the energy during songs such as 'The Red Suit Cavalcade' and 'Eclipse the Sun', but they are shamefully an act that will probably drop off the radar when the new trend comes into place despite playing what they play well.

Next up were Johnny Truant. The Brighton based 4 piece tore through a very hardcore set, playing songs from both new and old albums, and showing that they really love what they do. I did think, however, that their vocals were rather disappointing and because of the acoustics of the venue the majority of their sound was drowned out beneath these and cymbals. Despite this, those members of the crowd that knew the music still showed their energy and enjoyment. The crowd and group's intensity grew to its pinnacle during 'The Bloodening' which out of the whole night created the best reaction. A relatively underwhelming performance although the few Johnny Truant fans in the crowd fully appreciated it and showed it throughout.

Finally, Alexisonfire took to the stage to a massive surge in the crowd. Playing a large mix of old and new songs the band really worked the crowd, pushing themselves and their audience to the limit. With songs like '44 Caliber Love Letter' and 'Polaroids of Polar Bears' they showed both their confidence and ability. Their cutting hardcore contrasted excellently with their beautiful melodies, and you could easily see why they are speedily putting weight behind them and are a group to watch. Both audience and band finished the set looking exhausted, but incredibly satisfied.

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