Helmet unceremoniously parted ways six years ago. Stranger even still, Nu-Metal, the music most influenced by Helmet, was rearing its ugly head around this time.

But post Limp Bizkit and Korn, it’s great to have this band back, even if singer, Page Hamilton, is controversially the only original member still there.

The gig itself was moved from the bigger Garage venue to the smaller G2 around its back , probably because of the venue's lack of promotion for the gig.

That, however, didn’t put off the crowd that showed up or the band from delivering one the best gigs in recent years.

Sticking mostly to tracks of the excellent new album, 'Size Matters', it was almost as if they had never been away. Tracks like 'Smart' and 'Crashing Foreign Cars' didn’t disappoint the Glasgow crowd, many of whom were probably still in primary school when the band were at the peak.

Besides playing new tracks, Helmet mark two also delivered. many of their older songs as well. Well known tracks like 'Biscuits for Smut', 'Milquetoast' and, last but not least, the excellent, 'Unsung', sound as fresh as they did ten years ago. Page has aged somewhat, few wrinkles and hair thinning out. But Helmet aren’t about the aesthetic, what costumes they wore, or who they sacrificed on stage. They are and always have been about the music.

For the band themselves, many older fans have remarked on original members, John Stanier, Henry Boghan and Peter Mengede not rejoining. Sad I know, but from tonight’s performance, we know who the brains are behind this operation.

Helmet mark 2 have been described as a super group with new members Frank Bello of Anthrax, Chris Traynor of Orange 9mm and John Tempesta of White Zombie fame. All amazing musicians, and all members of Helmet, who are a super group. It’s that simple.

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