The London based band, Violet Indiana, which formed just under a year ago, and which features ex-Cocteau Twins member Robin Guthrie on guitar and Siobhan de Mare on vocals, started their first ever UK tour by playing the London Borderline on the 8th October.

Once we managed to get past the nosy doorman at the door, the venue was ours. People amicably chatted to each other. Gentle lighting hung above the bar and soft melodies wafted from the support band on the stage, all helping to create a friendly atmosphere.

Violet Indiana appeared just before Half past Nine. The duo of Robin and Siobhan and another three musicians (two guitarists and a drummer) came on the stage to enthusisastic clapping from the audience. Siobhan grabbed her mic and, with no hesitation, welcomed us warmly like we had been her friends for ever. The band started off the show with songs from their debut album 'Roulette'. 'Poison Gorgeous' and 'Killer's Eyes' brimmed with a passion that was boosted by Siobhan's devoted voice. We loved it. 'Liar', however, smoothed our emotions down. While the male part of the band remained shyly quiet during the breaks between the songs, Siobhan didn't stop talking, much of her humorous gossip being targeted at Robin.

About halfway through the gig, the band played 'Jailbird', a track off their newly released EP and latest production 'Special', which was impressive with its ripened, enrichened sound.

After nearly an hour of the concert, Violet Indiana attempted to leave the stage but that met with high dissatisfaction from the audience. No way! A few more minutes of shouting and clapping followed. The musicians, unable to put up with our desire to hear more music from them, delightedly reoccupied the stage, and ended the show on a mysterious note with the enigmatic 'Chapter 3', another of the songs from 'Special'. Everything has its end. The five-piece band was pleased with our loud thanks and thanked us back.

On the way out we were "fortunate" to see the same doorman, who tried to talk to my friend and I like we were his kids. Surprisingly, only a few words in Czech (I come from the Czech Republic ), absolutely froze him. All I said was that I didn't like his coat. What could have been better finish to such a great night out ?

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