Well, this is the nearest to a Belle and Sebastian gig that we are going to get this year. Isobel Campbell`s side project come out on their second solo tour to promote their second album `Swansong For You` and like it`s older partner, it is very delicate in it`s offering. Isobel looks lovely and you just want to take her home. Also in this line up is fellow B&S member Chris Geddes and like that band they spend a good amount of time walking around the small stage changing instruments and showing us how many they all can play.

Much that I like the band they are a bit too twee for me to like them more than I do. The audience also looks like a school yard. Most of tonight`s set comes from the new record with a few oldies put in for good measure and because we have been good they treat us to a final track of a different cover, a rather brassed up, loud (shock horror) version of the All Seeing I`s 'The Beat goes On' .Interesting but I could never say the band will grow on me that much. Shame but twee is the new cool and I`m not 15, but that`s rock`n`roll, these days.

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