Hello and welcome to the February 2020 edition of the Pennyblackmusic Magazine.

Photography has for many years been an important part of what we do at Pennyblackmusic, and we have for a long time now tried to run as much of our photography as possible. We have a great photographic team of Dave Goodwin, Marie Hazelwood, L. Paul Mann, Andrew Twambley, Denzil Watson, Amanda J. Window and Alan Bell who provide this.

Now we are expanding on this with our new two-part regular feature ‘The Image That Made Me Weep’, in which we will be inviting one of our own writers and photographersas well as a guest to write about a music photograph that had an impact on them. In the first of these Andrew Twambley -as it was his idea (Thanks, Andrew) - writes about a photo of the Clash taken at the legendary Eric’s in Liverpool in 1977, while our guest Rob ‘Hacker’ Jessett from ‘urban country’ band Morton Valence reflects on a Billie Holiday photo he discovered while living in a freezing cold bedsit in South London in the bitter winter of early 1984.

We are also running twelve new interviews in this edition, an obituary to the late, great Neil Innes, as well as live and album reviews, profiles and other regular features.

As always this magazine has come together through the hard work of a lot of people. Thank you to Carl Bookstein, Kimberly Bright, Malcolm Carter, Adam Coxon, Daniel Cressey, Nicky Crewe, Nick Dent-Robinson, Anthony Dhanendran, Dave Goodwin, Zena Greig, Tommy Gunnarsson, Keith How, Adrian Janes, Steve Kinrade, Richard Lewis, Adrian P, Mark Rowland, Lisa Torem, Andrew Twambley, Denzil Watson and Amanda J. Window. Special thanks to our webmaster Richard Banks for his work behind the scenes.

We will be back with an album and single reviews update in mid-March and then a full edition in early April. Our interviews will include the Distractions, the Pedaljets, Peter Straker, Andy Whitehouse, John Howard, Dodson and Fogg and Hector Gannet, there will be the next double ‘The Image That Made Me Weep’ and more reviews, profiles and features.

Please check out our regular Facebook and Twitter updates.

Thank you as always for reading Pennyblackmusic,

John Clarkson
Magazine Editor

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