The Neville Brothers are a legendary band from New Orleans. Their lead singer Aaron Neville’s voice is iconic for its subtlety and softness. Two of the Neville Brothers Charles and Art passed away in 2018 and 2019. This CD represents a 2008 concert held at the Telluride Jazz Festival in Colorado.

'Fire on the Bayou', the opener, rocks solidly and is propulsive. This song is a very good one, although this live CD issue starts a bit abruptly without an introduction. “Light your fire now” is the lyric. A fine trumpet part and an entrancing organ line help create something resonant.

'Brother Jake' features rollicking bass and drums. The Neville Brothers are in a groove, with their momentum pretty much at a high point from the very first. “I caught the train in New York City/Back to New Orleans.”

'Fever# starts more softly, soon building in its pace. So far this is a very good if not a great concert but definitely enjoyable.

Van Morrison’s 'Crazy Love' flows for a lovely effect, a very well-played rendition including some fine guitar work and an evocative vocal. 'Tipitina' features intricate drumming and some solid instrumental alchemy.

Then Aaron sings 'A Change is Gonna Come' and his delivery is right on the money. “It’s been a long time coming, but I know a change is gonna come,” Aaron sings and the effect is lovely - this Sam Cooke classic being a genuine epiphany. It is the slower songs that own this particular night’s show.

'Watermelon Man' is a fine instrumental choice here, well played and welcome, with an evocative trumpet and some stinging guitar.

'Fire on the Mountain' finds the Nevilles playing the Grateful Dead, with the Nevilles’ own lyrics about the people over the system and politics.

'Tell It Like It Is' is a classic. The numbers here that focus on Aaron’s rich vocal instrument are the strongest and this one is wonderful. 'Yellow Moon' too is a good one, well delivered and strong.

The band comes back for an encore and Aaron sings a gorgeous 'Amazing Grace' - a voice created for gospel. Then the fine finale is Bob Marley’s 'One Love'.

In the end, this is a solid Neville Brothers concert, and one that very much offers its rewards.

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