'Bret Helm's Life On This Planet' http://brethelm.blogspot.com/ is the music blog of Bret Helm from the Arizonian post-punk band Audra ( Rwho we are interviewing this month) and his wife Sarah Quarrie.

Huge in size and scope, it provides personal playlists from Bret and Sarah for the best albums for most years from 1979 to 2018.

There are playlists too for best artists as diverse as the Beatles, the Cure, Joy Division, Morrissey, New Order and the Psychedelic Furs as well as subjects that have caught Bret and Sarah's interest such as best bass lines, 80's and 90's debut albums and epic songs.

On 'Friday on the Turntable', Bret reveals himself to be an efficient YouTuber talking knowledgeably on matters such as Lou Reed and album cover design. There are also music book reviews and product articles.

Well-written, informative, passionate and updated regularly, 'Bret Helm's Life On This Planet' is essential reading and watching for the serious music fan.

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