Singer-songwriter and political activist Tom Robinson recently went back on the road to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of his former group the Tom Robinson Band's debut album ‘Power in the Darkness’ by playing it in its entirety.

One of the most important political album of the late 1970s, it caught the turbulence of and paranoia of those times exactly, depicting a society of have and have nots and in which police brutality and governmental oppression were a regular reality.

As well as 'Power in the Darkness', which reached no 4. in the album chart, the Tom Robinson Band is also famous for its single '2-4-6-8 Motorway' whch reached no. 5 and the song 'Glad to Be Gay', which is now seen to be the UK national gay anthem. Robinson also had another Top 10 solo hit in 1983 with 'War Baby'.

Keith Ainsworth photographed Robinson and his current band exclusively for Pennyblackmusic at a date on the tour at the Liverpool Philharmonic's Music Room on October 20th.

Photos by Keith Ainsworth

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