Water Hill Music Fest in Ann Arbor, Sunday May 1st was a blessed trip for certain. From the Rhythm Rapscallions to Rootstand, from '(Nothing But) Blue Skies' to bluegrass-tinged Bob Marley reggae covers. Bands on front lawns. Bands on front porches. New bands every block - a musical block party happening in a cool Ann Arbor residential neighborhood I had never seen before.

A unique festival- where the first Sunday in May, residents of Water Hill perform on their porches, while visitors stroll from house to house.

'(Nothing But) Blue Skies', played in front of a yellow clapboard house, greeted our arrival with positivity. “The Captain” by Rootstand in front of a green clapboard house taking it home.

Cool people. Festive atmosphere. A rich, rewarding, even if a bit chilly and cloudy first Sunday of May.

The Rhythm Rapscallions are a five piece: acoustic guitars, drums and keyboards; their female lead singer sharing “I’m beginning to see the light.”
From there, Rollie Tussing and the Midwest Territory Band - acoustic guitar, bass and drums - singing songs with lyrics that range from “when I die” to shining like gold.

From this point our journey leads us to Floodwaters and its young singer performing 'Blue Jay'- a fine effort.

The final act Rootstand play inspired covers of Marley’s 'Lively Up Yourself', 'Stir It Up' and 'No Woman, No Cry' as well as Bob Dylan’s 'Maggie’s Farm'. All in all, a magical event and a day to remember. Water Hill Music Fest- an inspired concept, well executed- a mini festival and one that already gets you thinking of returning next year.

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