My friend Mike says I have weird taste in Velvet Underground songs. He's been saying that for years. Sure, I love 'White Light/White Heat' but when it comes to spinning an album I'm a 'Loaded' guy, the height of Lou Reed's wry lyricism and the band's multi-influenced sound.

When I first heard Nap Eyes on their recent re-issue 'Whine of the Mystic' I was transported back to that place and time when the VU felt brilliant and more importantly, like the paragon of new. That's not realistic but it's what rock does when it works right.

The Canadian four-piece blends a smattering of independent rock tropes over the course of their stellar nine-song record. They range comfortable from loose alt-country to fuzzy garage rock to showcases for Nigel Chapman's singer-songwriter witticism. The results are a can't miss recording, gratefully brought back from an obscure, limited run release of last year.

Nap Eyes write unforgettable songs. They turn heads. There are blissfully luminescent moments ,and there are reminders that the roof can sometimes cave in and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. One thing for certain, when I'm next in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I'm popping on 'Dark Credence' or better yet, 'No Fear of Hellfire' as soundtrack for my nocturnal ramblings.

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