The multi-talented London siblings Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Durham are currently on tour, promoting their brand new album, ‘The Third’ produced by guitar maestro Mick Jones (formerly of the Clash, BAD). ‘Baby Bye Bye’, a new single with a vintage feel, has also just been unveiled:

The band have supported many renowned artists including Coldplay, Sterophonics, Razorlight, Richard Hawley and Jools Holland. In addition to being born into a musical family, they have been writing and performing from a tender age, and have amassed a dedicated fan base.

It’s been a number of years since their last show in Manchester, but it’s my first time and I am pretty stoked to be catching them live tonight.

We are held in the grip of this magical set with an outpouring of tunes by Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, which incorporate jazz, ska, pop and country, rockabilly, rock and roll and blues. Completing the family line-up, we also have Mum and Dad in the band. Mum (Ingrid Weiss) is a former drummer with post-punk band the Raincoats but has swapped to a double bass, while Dad aka Daddy Grazz (Graeme) is a little obscured from view at the back on acoustic and rhythm guitar.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis demonstrate they are amazing multi-instrumentalists, and everyone takes a turn on vocals, although its mainly statuesque songstress Kitty who takes the lead in her gold, diamante clustered catsuit, with Gretsch guitar in hand. The eldest sibling Daisy resplendid in black lycra catsuit takes it in turns between drums and keys, whilst suited-and -booted suave Lewis struts his stuff on guitar, keys and drums. A colourful legendary Jamaican Eddie “Tan Tan Thornton” joins them on trumpet, and lots of hand waving is noted. They play most of the new album, with the exception of the final song, which is a cover version of Canned Heat's ‘Going Up the Country’, which sees the girls duetting.

The house is packed out and the audience extremely appreciative, creating waves of enthusiastic dancing. Their set really does show what this talented family affair is all about; with its heady brew of influences they really are something quite unique and special.

Although they have they have their musical roots in the past, their music is the future. Let's hope we don’t have to wait as long for them to return to Manchester again.

Set List:

Bitchin' in the Kitchen
Feeling of Wonder
Baby Bye Bye
It Ain’t Your Business
Turkish Delight
Whenever You See Me
Good Looking Woman
Never Get Back
No Action
Developer’s Disease
Going Up te Country (Canned Heat cover)

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Photos: Melanie Smith

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