Sadly this tour was named 'The Last Hurrah' as Jim Jones and the band have decided enough is enough and are going their separate ways.

Hastily arranged the tour has sold really well as people have clamoured for tickets. The West End venue Oran Mor, which is twice the size of their previous show in Glasgow, is really busy, packed in fact and rightly so as this was certain to be an unmissable show. The band are on fairly early, so early that I manage to miss the opener which I am reliably informed is 'It's Gotta Be About Me' from 'The Savage Heart'.

The set is selected from the three long players they have released over their seven years together, and is a real crowd pleasing mixture of their live favourites. The venue is already rocking out to the high octane set with front man Jim enticing the crowd. They certainly respond on hit single '7 Times Around the Sun' from 'The Savage Heart', and this then continues on the brilliant 'Cement Mixer' and 'Rock and Roll Psychosis' from the self-titled debut. It's the old school rock and roll of Little Richard meeting the Stooges or the MC5 and then Motorhead, with Jones joining the audience at every opportunity and only a crush barrier stopping him from disappearing into the crowd much to his annoyance.

The band continue with favourites 'Collision Boogie' and the brilliant 'Dishonest John', one of the highlights from the 'Burning Your House Down'. The band also throw in Elvis's hit 'A Big Hunk O' Love', before rounding off a sensational show with a couple of encores. There is no doubting that the live scene will be much duller without these guys. It is a real shame they have decided to call it a day.

Photos by Melanie Smith

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