It always amazes me how there are so many really good unsigned bands around at the moment and some really bad signed ones. How does that work then? On show here tonight in Nottingham’s Jam Cafe was Lois, arguably one of the city’s finest rising acts, and who were showcasing their debut album ‘The Polperro Horse Bus Company’, which was getting its official launch here.

Now, you could say I am being biased again here. Firstly they are from my hometown and I am enormously proud of the talent on offer here, and secondly I have known these guys and have had dealings with them from the early days. I have had the chance to witness the growth and evolution of what I consider to be one of the best bands in the country today. If you don't believe me, check out the album on iTunes and see for yourself. You'll find they are a superb indie combination of 60’s music, rock and roll and funk, but you what you won’t witness is this; the pure, raw and funk-laden rock bubble that is their immense live act. I saw them in the early days, and I thought at the time that they were “quite good.”

Having not seen them for a while before this gig, I was blown away by them tonight. Lois have risen out of their cocoon of a bunch of tracks to gig on, to this majestic beast opening its wings and gorging on a rapturous audience that were loving every beat.

Blasting out tracks from the new album and also treating us to an encore, LOIS have stepped up a gear. They have still retained the raw soulful sound that they started with, but have added a blend of pure rock and roll and sixties melody to it. At one point they extended one track into a jamming session, and the lady at the side of me exclaimed, “Shit! They sound as good as the Funk Brothers!” and she wasn't wrong. Looking around the small but sardine-packed venue, every head was shaking from side to side or nodding to the funky beats or just in wonder at the mighty Lois in action. I urge you to remember the name Lois. With all the great talent coming out of this part of the world at the moment, it wouldn't surprise me if these guys aren't on the big stage soon. Marvellous!

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