It was to be my first Gary Numan show. The afternoon of the show saw the 80's electro singer/songwriter Gary Numan tweet the following message "Last three nights in bed I've had sweats and shivers. Thought I'd beat the bug but today I've virtually no voice (a mixed blessing I admit). GN. "

And so it was with some trepidation that we hauled ourselves over to Preston's 53 Degrees, wondering if he would be performing or not tonight. The room had started to fill up well, and Numan's die hard fans were out in full force. Numan appeared just after 9 p.m. running a little behind schedule, encased in a dark haze of thick blue smog, wearing his trademark uniform of black. It was nightmarish and gothic laden with metal overtones, and the scene was set. He proceeded to create the atmosphere for those industrial slabs of noise, bellowing bass lines and haunting keyboard vibrations which shook our very core. Playing a mixture of old and new tracks for almost two hours, Gary was the little trooper as he battled on...his voice was a little weak but the show had to go on.

Shards of white lights interspersed with the darkness, creating a fabulous dramatic show. He didn't speak a single word between songs, no banter, no introductions, nothing but the songs conveyed all and were understood by his worshippers! Numan gave a croaky "thank you" as he left the stage, and then chants of "Numan Numan" began, and he was back with a big grin and an encore of 'I Die You Die', followed by 'Are Friends Electric?'...sing-a-longs and dancing ensued all around.

You might say it was electric!

Set List:

I Am Dust
Everything Comes Down to This
Here in the Black
The Fall
The Calling
Down in the Park
We're the Unforgiven
Love Hurt Bleed
A Prayer for the Unknown


I Die You Die
Are Friends Electric?
My Last Day

Photos: Melanie Smith

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