Not for the first time, the Red Paintings unleashed their unique brand of rock/art on the Nottingham public. We last saw them at the Bodega a few months ago at a low key affair after the venue advertised them on the wrong date. This time the sticky-floored basement downstairs at Rock City played host, and was considerably busier than its smaller counterpart.

The main act were alternative rockers InMe. They were supported by Bristol's Oxygen Thief, but once again it was Trash McSweeney and the gang that stole the show. This time, trading as a four piece with Trash on guitar and sporting a violinist, they cruised through their set with ease, closely watched by an alien being to the left who was gradually being painted by the same artist that I recognised at the Bodega.

Trash's sense of humour and playful wit didn't go amiss either, as he exchanged banter with members of the crowd who were slowly warming to the Red Paintings’ fabulous stage presence. They worked their way through most of the tracks on their debut album 'The Revolution is Never Coming', and they seemed to me to be a bit heavier than the last time I saw them. Trash certainly seemed a little more animated, probably encouraged by the size of the now packed basement who looked on in amazement not just at the sheer spectacle but at the music too. One of the highlights on this set was the violinist who meandered through the band's set, looking as mysterious as the extra terrestrial at the side.

Not having the benefit of a big stage, they made use of every inch of this one and still came out on top. As we wandered out near the end, there were a smattering of revellers shocked at just how good the Red Paintings were. As I have seen them a few times now, I wasn't. I was just made up to have seen them again. Marvellous!

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