One of the pioneering groups of the Britpop era, Cast are a Liverpudlian group that is centred around guitarist and vocalist John Power and bassist and backing vocalist Pete Wilkinson.

Cast formed in 1992 when Power quit his previous group the La’s and Wilkinson’s former band Shack split up. With guitarist Liam “Skin” Tyson and drummer Keith O'Neill also joining the line-up in 1993, Cast recorded four albums of classic psychedelic-influenced pop, ‘All Change’ (1995), ‘Mother Nature Calls’ (1997), ‘Magic Hour’ (1999) and ‘Beetroot’ (2001). They broke up in 2001, a month after the released ‘Beetroot’. All four albums are about to re-released in double CD editions.

Cast reformed in their classic line-up in 2010, and released their fifth album ‘Troubled Times’ in 2012.

These photographs of John Power were taken at a gig on the 22nd December at the O2 Academy in their native Liverpool.

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