The Mountain Goats are an American folk band from North Carolina and which is centred around singer-songwriter John Darnielle.

The group started out as initially a solo project, and, while Darnielle remains the core permanent member, it has expanded to also include a consortium of other musicians including regular members bassist Peter Hughes and drummer Jon Wurster.

Since forming in 1991, they have recorded fourteen albums, and, while production values have increased and they have a more polished sound in comparision to earlier years in which songs were recorded often hastily on cassette, they have become known for their lo-fi, experimental sound.

John Darnielle, who has been described as "America's best hip-hop non lyricist" by 'The New Yorker', tends to concentrate on the under class. 'Transcendental Youth', their latest studio album, which came out last year, focuses on outsiders, recluses and the mentally ill.

While that album was the first Mountain Goats' album to feature horns, a recent tour has found Darnielle returning to his stripped-down roots, and out on the road with just Peter Hughes.

These photographs of Danielle and Hughes were taken for Pennyblackmusic by Catherine Christofis on the 8th October at the Union Chapel on the London date of that tour.

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