Matthew E. White is a Virginia-based singer-songwriter and producer, and also the owner of Spacebomb Records.

White played previously in rock band the Great White Jenkins, and is also the leader of avant garde improvisational consortium Fight the Big Bull.

His debut solo album 'Big Inner' was the first release of Spacebomb, and was released in the UK in January of this year in conjunction with Domino Records.

Featuring over thirty musicians including a nine-piece horn section, an eight-piece string section, and a ten-piece choir, it has its roots in gospel and soul, and has drawn White comparisons with acts as varied as Randy Newman, Jimmy Cliff, Curtis Mayfield, the Band and Neil Young.

White is currently on world tour with his group the Spacebomb House Band, which, as well as White in guitar, also includes Cameron Ralston on bass and Pinson Chanselle on drums and percussion. These photographs, some of which were originally published on the Getintothis website, were taken by Marie Hazelwood at Leaf in Liverpool on the 1st July.

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