There are few bands that can be described as being "iconic", but the 70's and 80's chart toppers Blondie, and their stunning bleached-blonde singer Deborah Harry, are definitely worth of that term.

The New York-based new wave group, who have had six UK number one hits, have toured regulary since reforming in 1997 after a fifteen year hiatus.

With original members Chris Stein (guitar) and Clem Burke (drums) still there, the group toured the UK in June and July, playing songs such as 'Make a Way', 'Take Me in the Night', 'Rave', 'Drag You Around' and new single 'A Rose by Any Name' from their forthcoming tenth album 'Ghosts of the Download' as well as classic numbers such as 'Heart of Glass', 'Dreaming', 'Hanging on the Telephone', 'Union City Blue' and 'Maria'.

These beautiful photographs of Blondie were taken by Marie Hazelwood at the 02 Academy in Liverpool on the 18th June.

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