QVC, BBC, daytime TV
They don’t mean that much to me
Why do I still pay the fee?
Stare at the screen hoping if you look hard enough
Things outside will not happen

The young drummer his life ahead of him
Stopped by ignorance, misinterpretation, pure evil
Absolutely unacceptable to anyone or so it would seem

A child with his dad's eyes
His father becomes an accidental hero
A tragedy unfolds with him as the martyr
Going to the shop or
Popping to the post box

Just minding his own business
Hurting or menacing nobody
Thinking about tonight's game of football
Thinking about his beautiful young bride
Thinking of his wonderful baby
Thinking how much he loved his family
How much he loved the life he led

Flowers cover the street where he was struck down
The vibrancy and beauty of the display
Seems so perverse because of why it's there


There is no excuse for the violent act that took place

Religion is supposed to heal and help
There is no God that sanctions bloody, horrendous hate crimes
Myself and our civilised society can't even begin to feel
The hurt and pain
His family feel

Lee Rigby
Rest In Peace.

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