Payday loan
Amount in the account
Bills at home
Gotta stretch it out

Telephone number interest
Builds higher than high
Better sell a kidney
Just to get by

Pawn shop your grandma's rock
Afford something that resembles food
Others have olive oil
All we have is crude

Couch potato nuggets
Infects across the nation
Just enough to plug it
The church of Playstation

Ho hum valium
Now there's a way to go
Running through tar
Concussed by a bar
Of prescribed pandemonium

Payday load started
A few quid here and there
Now can't afford the interest
Kids have no clothes to wear

Wealth is the health at home
So pull those purse-strings tight
You could make it to tomorrow
And not get in with shite

Payday top up loan
Creep up on you like a cancer
Destroy your very soul
The perfect necromancer

So tempting on TV
The answer to your woes
You;d be better with TB
The way the beast grows

Payday loan
The perfect loaded gun
Always in the background
Wwaiting for another poor sod to come

Payday loan
Just don't take the bait
They profit from misery
Stone hearts that pump pure hate

Hearts that pump pure hate
Drain away your life
Voice is the death rattle
Collector's pen is the knife

So let's end this now
Don't take another loan
Pay off quickly
Fight the fight and make a home.

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