Home haircut
In a rut
The bowl is far too small
End up looking like special needs
Wonky fringe and all

Charity shop chic
Be unique
It’s the only look you’ve got
Eating yesterday's goulash
With its fine texture of snot

Thank god for the NHS
Paid to promote life
Superbugs and such a mess
From the surgeon's knife

Two in a shower
Share the power
Make use of that water
Washing up liquid for shampoo
Sebaceous glands to slaughter

Picture on a postcard
You’ve got a ticket to ride
Can't afford the bus fare
Better stay inside

Soldiers young and fresh
Make a stance for the nation
But most of them are killed
Before they pay off their PlayStations

Concussed by prescription
Chemicals for your mind
Take that the soul will follow
Leave the rest behind

People moan when a bus is late
Or their latte is too cold
Whilst Fair Trade workers starve
No shoes for the open road

What you don’t realise
We are in the 8 per cent
Usually we get to eat
And find money for the rent.

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