I wasn't well versed in this five piece London-based band personally, but have kept hearing positive snippets about them. The gutsy, snarling rock and roll voice of lead singer Jim Jones and and the pure power of this five-piece rockabilly/punk funk outfit, however, still took me by surprise. This is a serious band that are pushing forward with an unstoppable force.

Jim Jones has a voice that is so suited to rock and roll he could be mistaken for Jerry Lee Lewis, and an absolutely fiery band which includes new pianist Henri Herbert. It was a very mixed crowd, and it was great to see this particular genre of music being enjoyed by fans of every age, gender and apearance.

The Jim Jones Revue first formed in 2007 when Jim Jones teamed up with guitarist Rupert Orton, who is the brother of Beth Orton, so there was a real quality stamp there from the absolute start. The group first showed their colours in 2008 with a self-named album, and since then have released a singles and B-sides compilation, 'How to Dave Your Soul' (2009), and two other albums, 'Burning Your House Down' (2011) and this year's 'The Savage Heart'.

They are a dynamite live act, and they have a real sense of longevity to them as well as also amazing talent.

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