The word was out
I had to go
Stuck in bohemia
Listening to Cheryl Cole

The bleached white smiles
And silicone bits
Surrounded by false structures
It's time to quit

I ran and ran and ran and ran
Then ran some more to be sure
That I was away from all the impure
The Lego land of human bits
The Barbie dolls and Metal Micks

Living the lie, Hollywood at home
Emptiness lets thought patterns roam
Don’t believe all you see
Man made lifestyle, materialistically

Wash your clothes with Daz
They’ll be shiny white
Miracles with your underwear
Gets out all the shite

Consumer dreams fulfilled
It’s easy, just pay the price
Just like on the telly
Isn’t it all so nice

Believe all they say
You must, it’s the news
Man made culture
Tailor made views

Wait stop and think
Are these your thoughts?
Or digital memories
All ones and noughts

So we all bit the Apple
And went a bit Micro soft
Couldn’t we use our own mind
Or have memories gone in the loft

Take a breath that’s deep
Speak out for yourself
Before the cell walls are too steep
And your views put on the shelf

Life isn’t easy
Or we’d all be on TV
But don’t just be a number
The binary code VD!

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