It's getting cold and the gloves are on
Kids are excited for that day to come
The man with the beard and trademark red suit
Is coming to town with loot to boot

Writing lists and saying prayers
Children want him to come to theirs
With a ho ho ho and merry rasp
Better hope your stuff doesn't leave his grasp

Watching over all the year
He knows to which children he will appear
So don't be naughty,rude or bad
Or all you’ll get is a tear and sad

He won't come if you break the rules
Better behave and do good at school
Tidy your room and polish your shoes
On Christmas morn you’ll love the view

Foot of the bed lay a sack
Santas had it on his back
Full of gifts and children's dreams
It’s verily bursting at the seams

So it's Bond on Christmas Day
And Uncle Arthur’s tone is gay
Too much port with the mince pies
Puts a sparkle in everyone's eyes

So once again we celebrate
And show kindness never hate
Eat too much and drink like fish
Everyone gets their favourite dish

New Year comes and the diets are set
For a week resolutions are met
Then back to normal we all go
Until next year
Ho Ho Ho

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