This television performance for Australia’s ABC network was originally broadcast way back in 1971, during the Trio’s first tour of the country.

Dudley Moore is often left a bit in the shadow of his sometime comedic partner, Peter Cook, but it should be remembered that he was a talented humorist and musician in his own right, the latter of which he demonstrates during this hour-long performance.

Moore’s between song chat and introductions are often very funny, and some of the songs themselves are very sharp parodies (such as the falsetto ‘Madrigal’), but for the most part the music is itself is presented as serious jazz, so those expecting a musical stand-up performance should perhaps look elsewhere.

If you’re into jazz, or are a big fan of all things Dudley Moore, this will, however, be a must have addition to your collection (or a great Christmas gift for your dad, perhaps. They’re always hard to buy for, aren’t they?).

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