Better Than The Van is a new website that self-describes itself as being “a community of free places to stay for bands on tour.”

Part social utility and part social network, it was co-created by musician Todd Hansen, who also runs the Drummer Hunter website, with three other musician friends. It aims to connect touring bands with both other bands and fans able to give them somewhere to stay.

“Touring isn't cheap or easy”, Todd explains. “We know, we've done it for years. We thought of this as a way for bands and music lovers to offer up their floors and couches. We've stayed in some great and not so great places while on tour, so we know it can be hit or miss. We figure people are fans of bands and bands become fans of other bands. If we give them all a place to meet under a common need, good things will come of it.”

While headquartered in Austin, Better than the Van, as well as the United States, currently also has contacts in the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany. It addresses a long ignored need for bands on restrictive budgets.

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