It is a wet and cold Friday night after an unusually tough working week. The lure of a real fire and a chilled bottle of wine at home is hard to resist, but suitably wrapped up I drag myself into Manchester.

The gig is taking place in a small room above a pub as part of a band night entitled, somewhat ironically, 'Carefully Planned' as Rotary Ten take their turn nearly an hour behind schedule.

Despite all the aforementioned bad omens, the band actually deliver a pretty good seven song set packed with enough promise to warrant further investigation.

Sounding similar to current press darlings, Blood Red Shoes (when the bloke sings) or Maximo Park (without the accent), they have some solid tunes such as 'Counting At Me' or 'These Men…', but it is their two singles to date, the brilliantly jaunty 'We Travelled without Mentioning It' and 'Idols of Our Own Design' that suggest these lads are worth keeping tabs on.

The set closer, 'Strategy', is better still, but due to the whole event badly overrunning, there is no time for an encore. Certainly worth the effort, though.

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