Tonight Sons and Daughters are playing the smaller room in the Leeds Cockpit. It’s a wet, cold Monday night but, despite this, they’ve managed to get the room fairly full. It’s also two years since the band last undertook a headlining tour and they are back playing tiny venues, having spent the time since then writing and recording their new album, 'This Gift', which is due out in January.

The crowd are pretty quiet, but that’s not really unusual, especially this early in the week. Guitarist, Scott Paterson, however, finds it disconcerting. They are used to noisier crowds, especially at home in Glasgow, where their song 'Medicine' has been taken to heart by the happy hardcore crowd – well, according to singer Adele Bethel, it has! Quietness doesn’t seem to mean though that the Leeds crowd aren’t enjoying themselves as people are dancing and singing along during the set.

Despite the quietness between songs, they play an excellent set including some older material that they’re not sure if they’ll remember. They only have to start one song again, when Adele knocks Scott’s guitar out of tune with her tambourine – but they laugh and joke about it. Whilst some of the material is quite dark, they have that Glaswegian sense of humour that shines through. Playing a smaller venue allows the band to have more interaction with the audience leaving behind the distant and dark aspect noted on their previous tour.

Tribal, rocking rhythm is provided by David Gow on drums and Ailidh Lennon on bass, whilst vocals, chemistry and cheeky asides come from Adele and Scott. New single, 'Gilt Complex', features half way through the set, shortly followed by what is to be their next single – 'Darling.' This is based on the 60’s film of the same name starring Julie Christie as a model who sleeps her way to the top, only to find out it’s not all it’s made out to be.

The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Neil Bailey

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